Photos Captured Prove These Dogs and Babies Really Do Have a Very Special Bond

Dogs might be known as man’s best friend but these pictures show they also share a very special bond with babies. Many things can be deemed “the cutest thing ever,” but when it comes to the combination of dogs and babies, it gets really perfect. Why? Well, you’re about to see photos so charming, they’re all the proof you need to believe that some dogs and babies really do have a special bond.
The touching images, taken by photographers around the world and shared in an online gallery, capture faithful pets taking care of their youngest family members.

1. “This dog Mykonos is protecting his new brother. It is truly amazing.

2. This cute little cat meets his owner’s, cute little baby.

3. 3-day-old gets greeted by the house guardian. They’ve barely met but they already love each other so much!

8. This Pitbull provides him the best sleep.

9. I wish I had such a cute cuddle buddy.
10. Wake up little sister we need to play.

11. Day 1 vs Day 14 after meeting her new sister. He loves her.

4. “Lloyd and his new sister MacKayla”

5. “This is the first time my brother’s Pitbull was around a baby.”

6. You can tell the dog won’t be napping as he used to before the baby came home.

7. It seems that the dog still has to get used to the idea of having a new member of the family.


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