Pleaded Mama Dog Begs For Help To Save Her Dying Puppy

The love of mothers knows no bounds as they protect and take care of their children at all costs.

When Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers arrived on the scene, they saw all they needed to see in Mama’s pleading eyes. She lay beside her ᴅ.ʏɪɴ.ɢ, helpless puppy hoping for an answer.
The small dog lying, and breathing hard, he seems to be trying to survive. The mother dog is in pain beside her poor child, she is crying and her eyes are begging to save her child. Her poor baby is in pain and needs care right now.

Immediately, the rescue force brought 2 dogs to the center. Veterinarians came to examine and treat the dog. The dog is very weak, he has breathing problems and is severely malnourished.

Doctors quickly provided the necessary medical care to save the dog.
In the evening, he had a high fever and the doctors had to stay awake to continuously reduce his fever. They weren’t even sure if he’d make it through the night, but he came through on the other side ready to take the leap.

Continuous care took place within 1 week, and his health gradually recovered. His puncture wound had been bandaged and luckily he had no broken bones. Thankfully, the next morning, he woke up from a coma!
The puppy named Snuggler is getting better day by day. A week later, he even started eating by himself!
A month later, the doctors’ care finally paid off. The dog has started to be healthy, he can move, eat and gain 2kg. He happily plays with his mother’s dog and loves everyone at the rescue center.

The rescue team is looking for a forever family for the little dog. He has gone from a poor little dog to a strong warrior. Although his life was difficult before, he overcame it and became a happy dog.


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