Polar Bear Cub Spotted Winking At The Camera, Driving The Internet Crazy With Its Cuteness

Polar bears may be professional models, guys. They aren’t scared of the cameras even when they spot them. These adorable fluffy wild animals can even pose naturally in front of the photographer’s lens. And we, humans, can’t get enough of their born cuteness. Their photos make them become Internet sensations, raising our awareness of protecting the environment and wild animals, too.

The 14-weeks-old polar bear cup in this story is among these lovely and playful animals. The newborn was caught on camera jumping on the rocks, playing hide-and-seek, enjoying some pretzels, and excitedly exploring the surroundings.

When keepers at the Toronto zoo jumped in late last year to rescue a polar bear cub from its mother Aurora the newborn was frail and scrawny.

Cub — the only one of three born to Aurora in mid-October to survive — is, as one observer describes him, a giant loveable teddy bear. He has gained weight and will soon be ready to meet the public.

The photos of the cute little bear were taken at the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich. It’s full of energy and actually knows how to best enjoy its days. Just look! the baby even winked at the camera! Enough to melt your heart, right?

“[The little cub] is in great shape and full of energy, and weighs an impressive 8.4 kilos (about 18-pounds),” said the zoo’s director Rasem Baban.


The adorable polar cub is the third child of the 10-year-old mamma bear Giovanna. It has 3-year-old twin siblings who were separately taken to The Netherlands and Doncaster in 2016. It is now the youngest child, and of course, receives all the love and care of its mother.
Bottle fed since birth by zoo staff, he has been given a special custom-made formula that mimics polar bear milk. The formula is based on the latest research, and staff at the Hellabrunn Zoo decided to use it after consulting with several other zoos around the world

“We are delighted to see the day-to-day progress of the bear cub,” Rasem said.

Because he’s still growing and still so young, the zoo is keeping quiet on his progress until he’s ready for his big introduction.




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