Police Officer Helps Drowning Puppy And Adopts Him Immediately – Dog Rescue

Dogs love people more than we could ever imagine. They are so much faithful and loyal that whenever people betray them, they always fail to understand what happened, even when the situation is perfectly clear.

Officers from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office in Florida were leaving a call when they heard something that made them stop: whimpering that was practically imperceptible, coming from a septic drain. They found a puppy on the verge of drowning. He had no home, and one of the officers felt it was meant to be that they found him, and promptly adopted him.

The deputies had all but departed from the call they had just been on when they heard the faint cries coming from an empty lot. Many people would have just ignored them, but not these guys.

For 3 more days, James had been out there trying to save Carla. The dog even accepted some food from her hand, but whenever she tried to put a leash on her, she always ended up running away. The dog would disappear for a few days, appearing on someone’s back porch after a while, always refusing help from people.

James Gettings was one of the officers who found the little puppy struggling to stay afloat in a septic drain. He was scared and exhausted, nearly ready to give up when he was rescued.
They gave the dog water and food and took her on to the veterinarian, who acknowledged that she suffered from Ana.plasma and Eh.rlichia.

” What an evil monster leaving that poor dog to st..arve and .d.ie anyone that does that to an animal should be left to .d.ie their self in the most horrific way I hope that little doggy gets loving home lots of food and love the person that took the picture you should be ashamed of yourself if you didn’t take him with you God bless you and doggy lots of love and kisses pretty doggy “

They gave him several baths to get him smelling like a dog again, and then tried to find his family. But it seems there was none, and Gettings believed their meeting had to be fate. After living in a foster home with other dogs and fully recovering from this experience, he found a forever home and is now living her best life with her new family.

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