Police Rescue A Dog Left On A Post In The Sun And Adopt Her – Dogs

A squad of police officers in Rome came across a terrifying scenario. In the sweltering sun, a canine had been abandoned and tethered to a power pole. The fascinating and gentle abandoned canine was named ‘ Maggie, ’ and she had been suffering from the heat for a long time at that position.

The Rome police posted the information on Facebook. The dog, who was reportedly one year old, was reportedly chained to a post in direct sunlight when San Giovanni police officers lead by Mauro Baroni became aware of her existence.

Maggie was unfit to move freely and appeared to be suffering from the heat.

She was released from her bond, and the agents offered her some food and drink to assist her to restore strength. As reported by Today Italy, the dog was then transported to a municipal kennel where it was discovered that she lacked an identity microchip. She remained there till her owners were found.

Forever Home Pet Rescue, an all-volunteer rescue in the Los Angeles area, stepped in to take Poly and set her up in a caring foster home. “She is a very sweet girl and deserves far better than she has gotten in life so far,” the rescue said in a press release.

The kind-hearted woman, Jennifer Wales, who runs her own rescue out of Los Angeles and has been saving homeless animals for 25 years, couldn’t resist the pooch’s sad face.
Wales said that the dog ‘reminded me so much of another dog that changed my life,’




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