Police smash the window of the car to save dog who was left in hot car

Dogs are, by nature, social creatures. They long for family, friendship, and community, and they are incredibly loyal and loving. Their incredible faithfulness has become one of their most celebrated traits. While being a parent of a dog, one has to be extra careful. The life of the dog is our responsibility.

Sometimes dogs suffer due to the negligence of their parent. Like this poor dog who was left inside a hot car and the owner was nowhere to be found.
The dog was lucky as he was helped by the police who saw the poor animal trapped inside. The officer broke the window of the car to take out the poor dog.

It was unclear for how long the dog was trapped inside the car. When they noticed the poor dog, police officers were forced to smash open the vehicle’s windows to stop the animal from [sᴜ.ғғᴏᴄᴀᴛɪɴɢ] in the heat. It is not clear how long the dog had been left in the car.

Footage has been released which shows an officer using a tool to smash the window open on the driver’s side.
As the car was overheated, the dog was gasping inside. The moment the window of the car was broken, the dog ran towards the window. The dog was so desperate to come out that it did not even notice the smashed glass around, as he desperately tries to escape.

The kind officer not only took out the dog but also served him water. The exhausted dog immediately lapped up the water.

Never leave a dog inside a parked car as the temperature inside the car becomes 100 and 120 degrees in just minutes when it is 78 degrees outside.