Pregnant Woman And Stray Cat Give Birth At The Same Time

One morning that Lauren and her husband spotted an injured cat on the side of the road. Naturally, the couple pulled over to check on the cat, which is when Lauren realized the feline was not only injured but pregnant as well!
Lauren Maners has fostered many animals over the years, and it has been one of her greatest joys. But, recently, as she was preparing to give birth to her daughter, Lauren decided it was time to take a little break from fostering.

“I knew that she was in ( shape and also felt a sort of connection to her due to us both being very pregnant,” Lauren said. “I managed to catch her by luring her up to me with our leftover food and wrapping her in my jacket, and we brought her to the vet.”

After taking the cat, whom they later named Dove, to the vet for treatment, the couple took her home for some much-needed rest. They asked around in the community to see if anyone was looking for the cat, however, they no knew

“She would follow me around everywhere I went, and loved sitting outside with me in the mornings in our fenced-in area and letting me rub her belly while we ate breakfast together,” Lauren said.

The two pregnant mamas bonded and spent most of the final weeks of their pregnancies hanging out together.

Soon, it was time for Lauren’s daughter, Kylie, to be born.
Incredibly, while Lauren was in the hospital delivering Kylie, Dove was at home giving birth to her own babies.

“They were very possibly born at the same time,” Lauren said

And, as the kittens grew and thrived, so did Lauren’s daughter, Kylie.

Dove stayed with Lauren and her family for several months before Lauren found her and her kittens the very best forever homes. Luckily, all seven of them are not far away from Lauren, so she and Kylie are able to stay in touch with them.

“Luckily the mother cat went to live with a friend of mine, so I am still able to get updates on her. And several of the babies went to people I know as well, so I have even been able to visit them,” Lauren said.







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