Proud Sausage Dog Poses With Her 6 Tiny Sausages For Maternity Photoshoot

Remember Lilica – the pregnant dog that proudly displayed her baby bump in a photoshoot? Well, now a proud sausage dog mother posed with her six teeny tiny sausages in a maternity photo shoot.

Pregnancy shoots – favored by the likes of celebrities such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Mariah Carey, and Gisele Bundchen they have since found their way into family photo albums and a host of Instagram accounts.

Grillo said the shoot took just 20 minutes and went so smoothly that she felt as if Lilica knew what she needed to do.

She told: ‘It was amazing, I felt like I understood her completely. She made sensational poses!’

Lilica was pictured rolling around on the grass in her backyard, standing up on a chair and holding hands with her owner, all the while grinning into the lens and acting every bit the proud mom-to-be.

The shoot came just in time too as the following day Lilica gave birth to five puppies, all of which were healthy and have found homes with relatives of her owner.