Rescue Dog And Cat Love Travelling Together, And Their Pictures Are Absolutely Epic

Solo travel is enjoyable, but a few companions won’t hurt. And if you love travelling and you also love animals, dogs and cats can be perfect travel buddies to fulfil all your wishes. Especially when you have both your cat and your dog accompanying you, the fun will be doubled.

Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend are blessed with the company of their pets, Henry the dog and Baloo the cat, who instantly became the best of friends. Just like the couple, Henry and Baloo love outdoor adventures, and they often go on camping and hiking trips together. Henry was the first addition to the family, and it was evident for them to see his thirst for the outdoors when they took him with them on his first hike.

” Our story really began when we adopted Henry, formally known as Buttercup, when he was just 3.5 months old,” Cynthia shared on their website Our Wild Tails. “He convinced us to take him home within seconds, when he crawled into my lap going belly up right away. We took Henry on his very first hike that week and immediately he scaled the steepest rock to get a better view.”

The lovely four-legged hikers have been travelling alongside their owners Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky for several years so far, and their adventurous trips are all fascinating and memorable. Baloo helps calm Henry’s separation anxiety, while Henry offers Baloo his back (or his head – Baloo’s favourite spot) to rest on whenever the cat’s tired during long journeys. The two love doing everything together, and the moments they share are simply extraordinary.

“On Henry’s first hike, he immediately went to find the biggest rock around to stand on top of to get a higher view,” Bennett told HuffPost. “Ever since then, we call him our little mountain goat for not only his climbing skills but for his love of the outdoors.”

Henry, on the other hand, enjoys roaming a bit more. He wears a bear bell to not startle any wild animals and will usually act jumpy if he senses one nearby, alerting the couple to turn around.

“Henry doesn’t run away because he is extremely loyal and has separation anxiety, which is why I think he is always aware of where we are at all times,” she said.



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