Rescue Dog Meets Her ‘Twin’ While Taking a Stroll and Persuades Her Owner to Take Him Home

It is very rare for a dog to find its twin from another parent and instantly get along. This proves that animals, similar to humans, need not be related to one another to form a bond. We may never fully understand the strong connection that forms among unrelated individuals, but once it ‘clicks’, it is unwavering and lasts a lifetime.

It was a beautiful day when Bethany Coleman and her dog, Rogue, went for a walk at a nearby Farmer’s Market. On the way, they encountered a dog who looked like Rogue’s twin. The Last Hope K9 Rescue shelter was in the area, with dogs ready for adoption. Bethany and Rogue hurried over to catch a glimpse.

“Rogue and I were out for a nice long walk to our local farmers market when we saw Beast,” Coleman told. “He was there with Last Hope K9 Rescue and a bunch of other dogs that were all up for adoption. What made me want to rescue Beast over the other dogs was that he looked just like Rogue. They’re both cairn terrier mixes. Rogue’s mom was a lab/pit mix, and her dad a cairn, and with Beast, we’re just not sure. It just has a cairn mix in his paperwork, but we think he’s mixed with Basset due to his body type. He looks like a pig and has even been mistaken for a pig a couple of times.”

The owners gave up the 5-month-old puppies, named Peaches and Layla, and their 7-year-old mother, Lady, to the rescuers, that rushed the dogs to the sanctuary.

While a vet check-up located the dogs were relatively healthy, the puppies lacked confidence and had no concept of what to do when their mother had not been there to show them. It damaged MacMurchy’s heart to see Peaches and Layla hug each other for comfort in the sanctuary.

” We were doing the vaccinations and the wellness check, and Mom finished first,” MacMurchy said. “We were walking her out right into our intake area, and the puppies, without mother, latched on to each other because they were so scared.”

The little household is living together at the shelter, where they’re learning what it means to be safe.

” We give them time multiple times a day to just relax and get some TLC in a quiet room with an employee so they can learn just how to count on,” MacMurchy claimed. “They do much better when their mom is about, so we work with all 3 together, as well as separately. It’s a slow process, but they are learning how to be positive on their own.”.

Just a few days after being rescued, Lary is already confident on her own and is happy to meet everyone. However, for her two puppies, they need more time to learn to be confident. Now, the little family is living together at the shelter, where they get the medical care and socialization they so desperately need. The staffs try to give them time multiple times a day to just relax and learn how to trust.

” [Lady] is a tail-wagging, wiggle-butt little love, that is just pleased to get affection,” MacMurchy claimed. “The puppies are not quite there yet. They are approving of love and accepting of affection, they are wiggly and pleased when they’re together and they’re leaning on each other for their confidence.”


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