Senior Dog Howls With Pleasure When He Finds Out He’s Been Adopted After 1250 Days In Shelter

When Bowey was a newborn, he was adopted from Gateway Pet Guardians in East Saint Louis, Illinois. However, he was returned to the facility shortly after. Instead of remaining at the shelter for several months, he was fortunate enough to be placed in a foster home after only a few months. But when it came time to find a forever home, nobody wanted him.

The 6-year-old pit bull was born in 2014 while in the care of Gateway Pet Guardians, a shelter in East Saint Louis, Illinois. He was adopted by a family when he was a puppy. But sadly, he was returned to the shelter a few years later. As an alternative to staying in the shelter, he was fortunate sufficient to induce position throughout the household after solely a few months in the shelter. However, when it got here time to discover a without-end residence, no one needed him.

Days grew to become months, and months grew to become years, and after 1,250 days, Bowie nonetheless hadn’t been adopted. Although Bowie is a very sweet and friendly dog who is well-trained, nobody wants to adopt him. Even when his adoption fee had already been paid for, and the rescue agreed to give his future owner four free private training sessions and a professional photo shoot, the little boy still hadn’t been adopted.

Gateway Pet Guardians are determined to share Bowie’s story on social media, in hopes of garnering the attention of anyone who would wish to provide him a possibility. TheirTheir submission labored, they usually acquired 40 purposes from individuals who needed to undertake Bowie. They went via all of them very rigorously to hunt out him the fitting residence.

“We need help from the public to help find this guy a home. He’s a great dog who is very well trained and just needs someone to give him a chance,” Brittany Fleming, the rescue’s placement manager said. “Whoever adopts Bowie is going to inherit a bunch of new friends because he has quite the fan club rooting for him.”

They met with a woman named Briana and Bowie went home with her. Briana doesn’t have any other pets or children, she’s a social worker and her roommate is a dog trainer, so the shelter believes that they are the perfect match! The rescue captured and shared an adorable moment of Bowie finding out he was being adopted. He was overjoyed to meet his new owner, howling and wagging his tail with pure joy!

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