Snowboarders Save Stranded Horse From Freezing To Dᴇᴀᴛʜ

A horse found himself stuck in deep snow, submerged until his stomach, and incapable of moving. He was all alone with no sign of help for miles around, and he seemed to be doomed. An amazing and improbable rescue operation took place in the mountains of Chile to rescue it.

On his 21st birthday, Rafael Pease went out to snowboard some fresh powder in the Chilean Andes. His plans changed when he found a stranded horse stuck in the snow and he swiftly moved to action. He and his friend began digging with snow shovels to free the defeated horse from the icy snow.

By the time this horse was discovered, all alone on a mountainside and up to her belly in snow, she seemed as though she had given up any hope of making it out alive. But in that cold, lonely place, the warmth of human compassion won the day.

Upon realizing that he was stuck and in trouble, Rafael did a heroic and brave thing. He dug the snow around the horse out from under him with a shovel, gave the horse something to eat so that he would stay strong during the long process, and finally allowed the animal to move again. Rafael spent the entire day digging the horse free and the poor animal’s ordeal was finally over.

“I have been through a lot in life, and through it all I have realized that it’s well worth it to watch out for others – whether they are human or not. And that’s what I and my riding partner did,” he wrote in a blog post on The Inertia. “Hopefully this inspires you to get out there and not only live your life to the fullest but to help others do the same.”

After feeding her, Pease and his friend slowly led the horse down the mountain, the two snowboarders guided the horse to the closest ski station where he was taken care of. A couple of weeks later, a farmer in the region claimed to be the horse’s owner and was extremely relieved to have him safely home.

Hopefully, this inspires you to get out there and not only live your life to the fullest but to help others do the same.



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