Stowaway Kitten Found On Oil Rig 49 Miles Offshore Is Rescued And Given A Home

A little calico kitten climbed onto a container ship and made her way onto an offshore oil rig. This baby calico kitten somehow found herself many miles out at sea on an oil rig off the shores of New Zealand. After her rescue, she got more than she could have dreamed of.

The three-month-old calico was discovered stowed away on board a supply vessel boat and ended up on a gas field rig off the coast of Taranaki, which is in New Zealand, 30+ miles offshore! They believe that the kitten was likely looking for food and climbed into a shipping container while it was being loaded. No one noticed the little stowaway kitten until they reached the Maui B Platform.

As soon as they discovered the little feline guest, the workers at the site quickly gathered a can of sardines and fresh water to make sure the little kitten was given the first class treatment.
They thankfully managed to lure the kitten into a cage with some bacon, then loaded her onto a specially-requested helicopter and she was taken to St Aubyn Veterinary Clinic. She was extremely timid at first but was soon comforted by all the love and cuddles the workers provided her.


” Once Maui had arrived off her special helicopter ride, she was checked over by our Veterinarian, Gemma,” explained the clinic. “She was very shy but passed the vet’s health check with flying colors. With her exploring the rig she got a little dirty so we gave her a bath, towel dry and to make it all better she was given dinner and a cuddly bed.”

The little calico won over everyone’s heart, and one of the workers who looked after her while she was offshore, became very attached. He convinced his wife to take her home and make her a permeant part of their family.