The adorable doggie looking like a chocolate cookie became famous

This charming half-year-old dachshund is blowing some people’s minds any place she proceeds to have just become a social media star thanks to her adorable looks.

She is named after a melon…..Honeydew! She’s a thoroughbred long-haired small-scale dachshund with uncommon chocolate and cream-dappled coat and lovely, huge blue eyes. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her proprietor Heather Bruegl, 23.

Heather, who works in social media management and consulting, picked Honeydew up on May 25 this year when she was just eight weeks old. She had been visiting the puppy between the ages of four to eight weeks and then adopt this dog.
Her fur mom Heather is regularly halted by individuals on the road who remark on Honeydew’s alluring chocolate and cream spotted coat.

She said: ‘We always get stopped when we are out! Many people will say that they have “never seen that coloring before.”

‘A lot of people will ask if she is an Australian Shepherd/Dachshund mix but she is actually a purebred long-haired miniature dachshund.’

Honeydew has her own Instagram account which is followed by more than 192,000 people despite only having been posting since May 21. Her account features a variety of snaps of her wearing different outfits, such as a ghost costume or wearing leopard print.

Heather said: ‘ She is one of the happiest, sweetest dogs I’ve ever had. She loves everyone and every dog.

‘She always makes me laugh on a daily basis whether it be because she is barking at herself in the mirror or popping up out of her toy bin. I work from home so we are together 24/7. Honeydew is a total cuddle bug on the sofa while I do my work.

‘I love taking Honeydew to have playdates with other dogs as often as possible. She enjoys sprinting around and playing with other puppies like her!’








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