The Boy Who Patiently Waits On The Pier Every Day For His Giant Ray Friend

It’s not unusual for young children to form strong connections with animals, usually with domesticated ones like dogs or cats. However, it’s rare for this to occur with wild animals. That’s why a little boy having a close relationship with a giant stingray is a unique and uncommon sight.

Every day, the boy can be found waiting patiently on the pier, scanning the water to glimpse his massive friend. The ray, estimated to be over six feet long, often approaches the dock and allows the boy to touch its smooth skin.

This remarkable event occurred in Gran Rey, a small Spanish fishing village with a population of nearly 4,000, where the residents have a strong connection with the natural world. Children spend their days fishing on the steps near the village harbour. The bycatch is often returned to the water, attracting large sea creatures like stingrays.

The boy and the ray have been meeting for over a year since the boy’s father, a fisherman, introduced them. The father says the ray is very friendly and curious and likes to interact with humans. He also says that he taught his son to respect the ray’s boundaries and not to jump in with it or touch its mouth or tail.

Despite this, witnessing a young boy feed such a massive and gentle animal is remarkable. Fortunately, a tourist captured the incredible moment on video and uploaded it to YouTube, which has gained nearly 60 million views.

The boy says he loves his ray friend and looks forward to seeing it every day. He says he feels a special connection with it and hopes it will always come back. He also says he wants to learn more about rays and other marine animals when growing up.

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