Two dog tries to save his almost ᴅʀᴏᴡɴed friend and take his friend to safety

The most precious thing in this life is having a true friend. And animals too, once they meet the right person, will not distinguish between races or ranks, as long as they match, they will associate and accompany each other.

On November 26, a Chinese website retweeted an article, with the content: “I really admire the close friendship of complicated dogs and ducks, ready to save each other in danger!”

It is known that the lovely story of this close friend once caused a fever in the Chinese media, so far, their heat has not shown any signs of cooling down.

A man named Mo Duong living in China, on National Day holiday, brought his two Golden Retriever dogs back to his hometown to visit his family. This is a small rural area, people live by farming and raising cattle.
At first, Mac Duong was worried because the two dogs did not get along well with the suburbs. However, the owner was very surprised when the pets quickly adapted to the new environment. Moreover, they also make friends with many friends around the neighborhood, especially the ducks raised by his mother.

The friendship of a dog and a duck is an unlikely thing, but animals have proven that nothing is impossible. And to prove it, 2 dogs showed by the action of saving the duck that fell into the water tank.

The duckling’s helpless expression is highlighted by confused and worried faces dogs. It struggled but was easily pulled out of the tank by its two-legged friend. His eyes were expressionless as if he wanted to scream: “Please save me! ”. It seems that the duck has also forgotten that he is a duck and has the ability to swim in the water.
At first, the owner thought the two dogs were hurting the duck, but then the dog saved the duck, taking him out of the water tank – where the two dogs thought it was dangerous to the duck.

That interesting moment was quickly captured by Mac Duong and shared on social networks. The post went viral. The dog-duck combination quickly created a fever in public opinion. Everyone feels “falling in love” at the adorable images and admires their cross-border friendship.

Two dogs and ducks become best friends. They eat together, play, and share food. Nothing can divide their love.




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