Vet issues warning on grass seeds (here’s what dog owners should do to keep pets safe)

A VET has warned of the “huge number” of grass seeds in the city after dogs were injured. The barbed grass awns, or “mean seeds,” attach to a dog’s coat and pierce the skin or are ingested or inhaled. Once in a dog’s body, these mean seeds tend to migrate, leaving a trail of infection behind. These infections cause illness that is difficult to diagnose and can even be ꜰ.ᴀᴛᴀʟ.

Dr. Nicky Ross said that barley seeds can injure pooches, getting in their paws, ears, and even lungs.

The warning comes as a number of dogs have been hurt, with one after inhaling the seed.

“We have been seeing a huge number of them this year, a lot more than I remember previously”.

Grass seeds have proved dangerous for dogs this summer as they can get stuck in areas such as feet, noses, and eyes, causing severe irritation and pain for pets.

Dr. Ross said the best advice she could give to dog owners is to avoid particularly dry fields and to check their pets for signs that they are in pain.

She said that these symptoms could include dogs shaking their heads or clawing at paws.
Dogs are particularly susceptible to the problem with seeds getting stuck in feet, ears, and noses

“Just be really aware of your dog. If there is something not right go and see someone about it.” Dr. Ross added.

The issue of grass seeds comes as some dog owners have been calling on Brighton and Hove City Council to deal with the problem by cutting grass verges and dog parks.

“In order to minimize the risk to a dog, owners should be careful to check where their dog walks”.


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