Woman Assures That Her Baby Is The Reincarnation Of Her Dog Due To Birthmark

A grieving pet owner has discovered that a birthmark on her newborn son is in the same place as a scar on her late dog.

As strange and hard to believe as all this may sound, the fact is that for Ms. Wang the [ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ] of her dog wasn’t at all easy. And only the excitement over the arrival of her son gave her the strength to go on, but the birth of the baby was a big surprise to her.

Ms. Wang’s son, nicknamed Tuan Tuan, was born in August last year. Right after his birth, she noticed a grey birthmark on his left arm, but it was pale.

When she noticed that the two shared a birthmark on their left arm, she assumed it was a sign that her puppy hadn’t quite left her. A mark on the child led him to believe that the baby is actually his (ᴅᴇᴄᴇᴀsᴇᴅ ) dog.

‘His birthmark became more and more obvious recently. When one friend pointed out that Reno’s scar was also on his left leg, I was shocked,’ she said.

Ms Wang and her partner had a deep bond with their pet after raising it for nearly 12 years.

‘Is this [a mark] left by Reno so he could find his mum and dad [through Tuan Tuan]?‘ Ms. Wang wrote on her social media account.

The pet in question was a samoyed that the woman named Renault when he was just a child. The puppy became the girl’s faithful companion for more than a decade, and even after they were married, Renault accompanied her to her new home.



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