Woman gets the sweetest tattoo in memory of her beloved dog

It’s always heartbreaking when a beloved pet passes away. But many people find sweet ways of remembering their departed friends, something to serve as a reminder that even though they’re gone, they’ll always be with us. Like one woman, whose sweet tattoo in tribute to her late dog is warming hearts across the internet.

For six long and happy years, Anna Halcin her dear dog, Sebastian. The two were inseparable best friends, and the little dog had a cute way of showing his love: he would hug Anna’s arms, wrapping around her with his paws. Through all of life’s ups and downs, the little pup never failed to make Halcin smile.

“He was special to me, and always will be,” Halcin told. “We were absolutely best friends.”

Sadly, Sebastian passed away in October, leaving Anna devastated.

Halcin was heartbroken to suddenly be apart from her beloved dog. But in the midst of her grief, she thought of a sweet way to make Sebastian forever a part of her.
With the tattoo, it’s like Sebastian will always be there to give her a hug when she needs one. The creative tat has helped Anna through the grieving process, and will help Sebastian stay a part of her life forever.

“I wanted something that was always with me, no matter what, and a tattoo seemed just perfect,” Halcin said.

Now does the same in spirit — memorialized in that artistic tribute.

“Now, every time I look down, it’s like he is hugging me,” Halcin said. “That’s helped me cope quite a bit.”

Nowadays, through that tattoo in his honor, Sebastian continues to live on in other people’s hearts as well.

After Halcin shared the body art with a pet loss support group online, it led to an outpouring of well-wishes and applause — for both the tattoo and the sweet little dog who inspired it.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing this y’all,” Anna wrote on Facebook. “He meant the world to me since he was my first dog and to see this post get so much recognition means so much He absolutely deserves all the attention he’s getting.”







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