Woman Sees Her Dog In The Sky A Few Hours After Her Passed

When our beloved pets [ᴘᴀss ᴀᴡᴀʏ], we look for any signs, however small, that will tell us that they’re in a better place. Many grieving pet owners find comfort in the idea that their pets are just over the “rainbow bridge,” happily waiting for us in the afterlife. That was the case for one young woman who received a heavenly message from her late pet dog.

The Ledgeway family rescued little Sunny when she was just a year old. Lucy grew up with this pooch and finally had to say goodbye. Losing a pet can be just as difficult as losing a person.
In her last year of life, the vet diagnosed Sunny with sickness and gave her about a year to live. Sunny sadly [ᴅɪᴇᴅ] the next day in her dad’s arms.

Lucy was, of course, heartbroken and told her boyfriend that she wanted a sign that Sunny was alright. And within a couple of hours, Lucy saw that sign.

When Lucy Ledgeway’s 14-year-old family dog Sunny passed away on June 20, she asked for a sign that the pet was alright wherever it was now. The 19-year-old from York saw her Parson Russel Terrier’s face in the clouds, just hours after she [ᴅɪᴇᴅ]. Lucy shared the photo of the clouds on Twitter and her post went viral, getting more than 100.9k likes.

Lucy said, “The thing is, I was sad all day and then as soon as I saw her, it just made me laugh. It made me giggle to myself and it made me happy. And I think that happening has made it easier to grieve.”

Lucy said that she laughed to herself and thought ‘that’s my girl’ when she saw Sunny’s face. She said she knew her dog was letting the family know that she was OK.
According to Lucy, her boyfriend couldn’t believe what the two of them saw. She added that it was a special moment that they will always treasure.

Lucy told that Sunny was a very sweet, loving, and caring dog.

“If you were sad she would know and come sit with you. Also very funny, always barking for food. She loved long walks by the river when she was younger, however, the older she got and the more health problems, she was unable to walk far! She used to love a small bowl of milk as a treat every now and then. It was her favorite!”

But then, she looked up into the clouds… and saw her dog’s face.

“I was crying my eyes out and I looked up in the sky and saw Sunny.”

However, Lucy isn’t the only person who saw their former pets in the sky—other owners shared their stories on the internet after seeing Lucy’s post.














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