How to file a renters insurance claim

Typically, when you rent your residence, standard lease agreements require tenants to carry renters insurance. This requirement is intended to protect the landlord and their property as well as the tenant’s personal property. This may include furniture, clothing, electronic devices, jewelry and other valuables. A State Farm® insurance agent can help you determine how much renters insurance you may need.

Be prepared in case of a renters insurance claim

Knowing how to report a renters insurance claim is important and allows you to provide a detailed list of your belonging in the event you need to file a claim. Many renters insurance policyholders record their possessions room to room as they pack to move into a new place. Here are a few tips.

  • Conduct a home inventory. This will come in very handy when/if you should have to file a renters claim.
  • Take photos. It is a good idea to take photos of every room in your rental and all your valuables.
  • Keep important records. It is important to save receipts, photos, registrations and other important documents in a safe or fire-proof container.

Claim values are generally based on current actual cash value or replacement cost, so having these records is extremely helpful.

When to file a renters insurance claim

Talk to your insurance agent or contact a claim associate to discuss a potential claim. A few common claim scenarios renters insurance policyholders report are:

  • Burglary or break-in
  • Items stolen from their vehicle
  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Injury to a guest

Renters insurance claim tips

  • Report damages or losses to your landlord.
  • Report any theft to police.
  • Retain receipts for temporary repairs, additional living expenses and other claim-related costs.
  • Review your policy, including coverages, limitations and deductibles related to personal property.
  • File and track the claim on the insurance company site or on a mobile application, such as the State Farm mobile app, or contact the claims department to initiate the claim filing.

Before performing any repairs, read your lease to determine what repairs you or your landlord might be responsible for. Make sure you have completely filed the claim with the insurance company. Retain any receipts associated with the repairs.

Renters insurance claim process

After a claim is reported and you provide all the needed information including receipts and details of the occurrence, the insurance company proceeds to investigate the claim. Here is the typical renters insurance claim handling process.

  • Reviews and investigates the claim. The insurance company will review claim details, possibly through an onsite claims investigation.
  • Evaluates damage and requests documents. The insurance company may request an inventory of damaged property. They may also ask for documentation and/or details about the lost items including receipts, photos, brand names, model numbers, age, purchase price and place of purchase.
  • Assesses the damage. An assessment of the damage is done based on the information and review conducted.
  • Contacts the policyholder. The renter/policyholder is contacted with an explanation of rental insurance coverages and endorsements.
  • Requests a personal property inventory or estimates. A claim associate works with the policyholder to estimate the damaged or stolen items and/or covered repairs.
  • Reviews estimates. The insurance company, through its claim associates, reviews the claimed items or repair estimates and determines what payments or repairs need to be offered.
  • Approves or denies the claim, and if covered, offers payment. Based on the findings in the claim’s review process and the policy provisions, the insurance company authorizes repairs or provides payment to the renter.

If another individual is responsible for the damage, your insurance company may pursue subrogation. This is the process where your insurance company attempts to collect the money it paid to you from the responsible party.

If you are a State Farm customer and need to file a renters insurance claim, please visit to file or manage your claim.

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